About me

Name Sini L.
D.O.B. 04.05.92
Location Helsinki, Finland
Hobbies Blogging, web design, drawing, being a social media whore
Perfume Lancôme's Midnight Rose for F/W, Marc Jacobs' Daisy for S/S



My name is Sini, a twenty year old woman bringing joy and light to Helsinki. As everyone, I'm somewhat bad at describing myself but I guess I could start by listing a few dominant points of my character. First, my life revolves around telling bad puns. Secondly, I'm somewhat a perfectionist in things I love, so if I can't spend the extra three hours making a tiny detail look right I'd rather not do it all then. Thirdly, I don't take myself too seriously.

My rule to beauty is that the more uncomfortable you are, the better you look. I don't treat outfits without heels as real outfits and using tights when it's -20 degrees outside is something I take for granted.

My current obsessions clothing-wise would be see-through clothing, golden jewelry and anything S&M-esque. But I also love to change my style on a daily basis if possible. One day I might do a flowery French lady look and then work a full satan lover 666 attire the very next day.

So anyways, if you need to know more about my existence I suggest you go click yourself to my profiles linked below. Following/messaging/commenting/etc. would give me joy too!

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